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An award winning solution that enables forensic imaging and full analysis over any network using your favourite tools.

SPEKTOR Remote Forensics works over any network so you can respond to an incident on your corporate network via your 3G phone and perform full speed forensic processing of evidence on the other side of the world. This patented technology is designed for a variety of organisations and situations.

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Our unique, patented architecture means that forensic imaging does not take place over a network. All processes are run directly on the remote hardware and only minimal data is actually transmitted over the connection. This makes the response lightning fast. .

You can even disconnect from the target system and leave processes – such as imaging or keyword searching – running making it easy and convenient to respond to multiple targets simultaneously. more

The term “Forensics” is being applied to a growing number of situations across multiple market sectors. Remote Forensics is essentially the deployment of existing forensic, e-discovery and data recovery services remotely but within legally and forensically acceptable frameworks to provide the advantages of: more

Remote Forensics is an architecture that can be deployed by a variety of industry sectors; a few are listed below:

  • Corporate organisations
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Military Organisations
  • Government bodies
  • Forensic companies
  • Managed service companies

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