SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence

Used by Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, the Military and by Corporations across the world, to quickly, easily and forensically triage and review targeted data.


All the power of SPEKTOR running on your laptop. Supplied on a USB3 thumbdrive or Mac expansion card that turns suitable laptops into fully capable SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence device.

SPEKTOR Breathing Intelligence

Breathing Intelligence is a scalable, secure and highly customisable technology that uses interconnected SPEKTOR Control Pods to push the boundaries of connected intelligence even further.

SPEKTOR Cascade Forensics

SPEKTOR Cascade Forensics is a smart way of automating digital triage through to imaging via policy.

Intella Hosted Solutions

From our secure forensic facilities we host in-house Intella servers, delivering fast remote access to our clients and their legal teams 24x7, supported by friendly and on-demand forensic expertise.

Visual Services

Our security cleared in house designers can create realistic CGI images or movies for your website, exhibition stand, product launches or training requirements, plus other marketing materials.

SPEKTOR Annual Workshop Day 5th October 2016

SPEKTOR Annual Workshop 5th October for Law Enforcement users and potential users. Learn with colleagues how to get the best from forensic triage and the tools. Agenda to follow shortly.

Book now using the links below or ask for an quote to obtain a Purchase Order here

To book the Annual SPEKTOR workshop day £40 + VAT per delegate Add to cart

To book the 24 hour delegate package to include evening meal, overnight accommodation, breakfast and the Workshop £120 + VAT Add to cart

Kents Hill Training and Conference Centre

Latest News

Technique Analysis

A customer recently asked us to comment about the validity of MD5 and SHA1 algorithms which he felt had shown collisions as opposed to SHA256 hashing which he felt was more robust.

The question was asked should SPEKTOR be using SHA256 instead of other hash algorithms.

Please read Andrew Sheldon's comprehensive response in the Global Security Magazine here.

SPEKTOR Used To Aid Conviction

British Transport Police successfully prosecuted 11 Londoners following a series of mobile phone thefts in the Underground. They were able to identify IMEI numbers from evidence gathered using SPEKTOR.

Read the full article here.


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